soul mandala retreat

This is a really important time to focus your energy and decide what it is you want in your life. We are at a powerful manifestation time and we can manifest our heart's desire or our many frustrations - it is our choice. This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to focus your intent and can provide answers and/or insight for the following:

are you thinking of starting a new venture?
have you started a new business and are looking for direction?
are you starting a new job?
do you feel stuck in your current job and need to find a new way of doing things?
are you moving home?
are you wondering why things in your life are just not working?
do you need answers on why you keep repeating certain life patterns


Your soul is personally inviting you to come and play with sacred geometry, numerology, astrology, colour therapy and creative exploration. Come and explore the hidden facets of your being-ness. This is the first soul workshop held at our new venue in Bloubergrant, no more travelling half way across the country to come and play at our house.


What is Soul Mapping?

Soul mapping is the pathway your soul follows on its sojourns through life. Soul mapping will help you to find your own authentic sacred path aligned with your life's purpose.


Why do I need to do Soul mapping?

it will help you to access your dormant abilities helping you to manifest your heart's desire
will help you to clear unwanted patterns out of your life
helps you to align with your life's work or purpose
focuses your energy on your goals and needs
releases unconscious patterns of guild, sabotage grief and regret out of your energy body
Opens the universal flow of abundance and success in your life

How it works, what you will do, learn and integrate:

1. Create a soul map using your own set of unique soul qualities, these include introduction to soul numerology, colour therapy, astrology and tarot.

2. Discovering sacred geometry: creating, painting, collage-ing your own sacred pattern using the tools accessed in step number 1. This sacred pattern will reflect your soul qualities it can be used for meditation, contemplation, and as a painting to ground, affirm and reconnect your soul's map. This will become your key to manifesting your heart's desires. From the information gathered a special signature aura essence spray can also be ordered from AuraEssence.

3. Learning about the universal laws of creation and destruction - these laws will break through and challenge your own limitations:
Law 1- the universe is in a constant state of creation, it is our birth-rite to co- create with the Divine
Law 2- The universe has no personality, it is neutral. It does not care about good or bad, it has no judgements. It just creates.
Law 3- the universe is in a constant state of allowing, we are the ones that resists.
Law 4- we are supposed to prosper and thrive

4. The reason why we don't manifest, thrive or succeed in life. Ego, blame, dis-belief, negative mind, worthiness, these patterns and more will be covered in the workshop

5. Setting short and long term goals to attract success.


What to bring:

  • coloured pens, markers, pencils, if you have
  • old t-shirt
  • copy of your id, birth certificate or passport
  • open and receptive mind


Next Soul Mandala Workshop 13 January 2018

soul mandala retreat

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