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Healing is an inside job…. B.Voigt



  • I would love to do healing but I don't know where to start.
  • I would love to learn how to balance my own energy.
  • I am interested in the healing arts.
  • I have a feeling I should be doing healing.
  • I am tired of going to other therapists and would like to work on myself.
  • I want new self-healing tools.
  • I would love to be able to support my loved ones and myself through healing



  • One 2 hour lesson per week covering various healing modalities.
  • Easy to understand and easy to apply self-healing techniques.
  • Clear interactive workshops designed to give maximum practical experience.
  • After workshop support and guidance.
  • Beautifully created manuals, templates and shorthand notes to make Self-healing
  • fun and interactive.




  • Our personalised healing courses are designed for students who are serious about learning
  • and are not keen on the distractions that usually occur in a workshop environment.
  • The modules are created to ensure the maximum healing potential in a two hour period.
  • You will also get homework, some reading, research and practical.
  • This training course is designed for an individual who wants to practice Self-healing and
  • maybe help others to heal themselves.
  • The course will start as a general introduction to self-healing techniques, awareness,
  • intuitions, protection, energy anatomy and how to create a healing space.



  • one-on-one energy coaching
  • more time to explore personal interests
  • the teachings will be focussed on your specific needs and interest
  • because the lessons are focussed you will learn techniques in 2 hours that will
  • usually take a day in a class environment
  • the teacher can focus on your unique gifts and talents and teach you to amplify those
  • the lessons are practical and interactive in nature, you play while you learn.
  • You will shift core belief systems about yourself in every lesson as
  • you delve deeper into the world of energy.
  • transformation guaranteed!




  • why can't I see the aura?
  • why can't I sense energy?
  • why do I battle with visualization or meditation?
  • why do other people know their guides and not me?
  • how psychic am I really?
  • how can I increase my energy levels?
  • how can I live an intuitive life?


The lessons are practical and interactive in nature; you play while you learn. You will

shift core belief systems about yourself every week as you delve deeper into the

world of energy. Transformation guaranteed! On completion of the first 4 lessons

there are options available to continue.


Lesson 1: Activating intuition



Intuition bypasses the mind to find your soul’s truth.



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The general emphasis of this lesson is to determine how your unique intuition works.

There are four main intuitive energy lenses which we use to activate intuition.

Everyone’s natural psychic skills can be categorised into one or more of these intuitive lenses.

When you know your intuitive lens, it makes energy and psychic work a lot more

aligned and effortless.


  •  how to work with your intuition
  •  how to trust your intuition
  •  how to use your body as a pendulum
  •  psychic energy games to see how you read energy
  •  practical feedback and confirmation to validate your intuitive findings
  •  finding your intuitive type
  •  amplifying your intuition and learning how to trust what you are receiving
Awareness exercises:
  •  subconscious mind: what is stuck?
  •  shifting your energy levels
  •  mindfulness 1- becoming aware of your senses
  •  psychometry- reading energy from objects
  •  emotional intelligence- when is it my emotion, and when does it belong to someone else?
  •  connection with Higher Self and guides
  •  third eye activation


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personalised energy coaching

soul mandala retreat

This is a really important time to focus your energy and decide what it is you want in your life. We are at a powerful manifestation time and we can manifest our heart's desire or our many frustrations - it is our choice. This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to focus your intent and can provide answers and/or insight for the following:

are you thinking of starting a new venture?
have you started a new business and are looking for direction?
are you starting a new job?
do you feel stuck in your current job and need to find a new way of doing things?
are you moving home?
are you wondering why things in your life are just not working?
do you need answers on why you keep repeating certain life patterns


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