Previously known as Clarity & Divine Perception: clarifies

the mind, opens the throat
and allows for clear communication. 
Holds the energy of the Eighth Ray. 8- aura clearing spray clarity

Auracle card of the day: Clarity

Today the awareness is about how you use your voice to communicate your needs to the outside world. If you voice from a space of mind, you will not only confuse yourself but also the people around you if they are not on the same wave length. Communication is about sound, it’s about making the right sound at the right time. If you voice from a space of emotion then your sounds will be loaded with strong intense energy that could also create disharmony. For instance, if you feel very passionate about something you will load your words with emotions and thought patterns, if the other person does not feel this passion then it might seem that you are overenthusiastic, which can put a damper on your joy. The correct way to voice anything and by voicing we make energy real is straight from the balanced energy of the heart chakra. We have to express from the heart, the mind and emotions are your stuff to work with. Today be clear in how and what you say, try not to just make unconscious conversation. It is also a time today to look at your own internal self-talk and to make sure that it is positive and uplifting in nature. By voicing from the heart you will also receive intuitive guidance thereby bypassing the busy mind and the watery emotions. It is a good day to connect to the oceans, maybe go for a walk next to the waters if you can and watch how life unfolds naturally by itself. If you can’t be close to the ocean today download a desktop picture of a beach area, close your eyes for a moment and take your energy there.


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Sun in Gemini
Moon in Sagittarius
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Full Moon
Full Moon
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