Helps to integrate past life patterns and clear past life traumas.69- aura clearing spray past lives


Auracle card of the day: Past Lives

“Human suffering is not a sign of God’s, or Nature’s, anger with mankind. It is a sign, rather, of man’s ignorance of the divine law.”  Paramhansa Yogananda

So if you been wondering what on earth is going on? Why does life seem to be turned on its head? Then this card explains the strange, interesting energy of the moment. To start with there are many intense planetary alignments at the moment that are scrambling our emotions. For many this feels like we are dealing with very old patents of discontent, sometimes anger and definitely a bit of frustration. Physically it can create strange dreams and nightmares or unexplainable aches and pains in the body. What does all of this mean? Well we are clearing old energy from other life times. We are scrubbing away at our karma, hoping to clear some of these exhausting issues once and for all. Very, very boring, but very necessary. On a more positive note, when we clear we also make space for new experiences. A suggestion will be to see where you are resisting life and to embrace those forced changes. Be aware that every interaction you have with other people at the moment is karmic based, which means there is stuff to clear and heal. It’s time to step out of the old destructive repeated patterns and create a new vibration for living and loving. It is a huge opportunity to finally release old hurts and pains permanently out of your energy body. Use the following declaration to help you to clear any old patterns out of your energy body. Follow the instructions carefully and be brave.


You need to print the declaration or write it out on a piece of paper, in the open space I need you to write down what you feel needs to release from you regarding family, business and personal life patterns like illness or lack of money, lack of love or low self-worth, be honest and clear.

Place this letter folded up underneath your pillow and before you go to sleep ask the lords and ladies of karma (these are beings that work with our karmic patterns) to help you to release the energy in your sleep. The next morning transform this energy by burning the letter.

This is a simple but very powerful process to release core stuck patterns. By releasing the energy, new clear relationship will emerge.


I invoke the violet flame to burn through all my incarnations where I have mis-qaulified any energy. I ask that the violet flame clears the cells, records, belief systems, fears, blocks and memories from all timeframes and dimensions where I have distorted God's light. I will now release a list of negative qualities and emotions that I want to release permanently from my energy body:

I ask that the Lords of Karma grant me release from all the negative karma mentioned.  I ask that Mother Mary assists me in this process tonight in my dream state. I will ask just before I go to sleep that my energy will be taken to the ascension chamber of Serapis Bey where under grace I will be granted the opportunity to transcend this karma into light.

I ask all of these things in complete humbleness and under grace.

I give thanks and gratitude for the opportunity.

And so it is.


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