Helps to clear a broken heart and low self-esteem. 
Assists with restoring environmental balance and clearing leylines.68- aura clearing spray growth


Auracle card of the day: Growth

To grow and evolve as spiritual beings we have to release self-limiting thought patterns. These are the energy patterns that keeps us trapped in the past and prevent us from moving forward on our spiritual journey. Growth is about paying attention to the negative self-limiting self-talk in our minds that is constantly busy running opinions, judgements about ourselves, others and our world. To be able to step out of this we have to replace those thought forms with something positive and aligned with our soul energy. We have to look past all the learned behaviours, negative mind sets and ancestral beliefs and integrate our soul’s energy of purity, perfection and beauty. This process takes tremendous dedication, awareness, mindfulness and observation. We have to become so present to these thought forms that we catch them as they are running their energy cycles and once you catch it, you can change it. We can truly grow and evolve if we change this limiting energy into something positive and a great simple way to start is by correcting our thought forms one at a time. The thought form that most people seem to battle with is worthiness, so to balance the energy of worthiness/unworthiness a positive affirmation could be: “I love myself just the way that I am. I am a reflection of Source light therefore I am whole, beautiful, bright and happy”. By repeating these affirmations consistently when you are in a space of unworthiness you will start to lift your frequency and you will start growing and evolving into the person that you really are. Imagine if no one made you feel bad about yourself when you were a little one, everyone went out of way to make you feel clever, beautiful, bright, intelligent and talented. If those were the beliefs that were installed in you when you were little and you believed them to be true, then unworthiness will not exist for you. Unfortunately we are not all that lucky to have access to those energies when we are little so we have to work hard in life to find them within. They are all there, we have to just uncover the layers of illusions that were created around us and find the spark of hope, joy, love and beauty inside. For today watch those limiting thought patterns, observe where they are coming from and then use a positive thought pattern affirmation to replace the distorted one. Maybe if you have time, work a bit in the garden or buy some beautiful flowers, the process of perfect growth is always reflected in nature.


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