Helps to clear resentment, loneliness, low self-esteem and pride.67- aura clearing spray entitlement


Auracle card of the day: Entitlement

This card represents the energy of the Amitabha Buddha, the Buddha of infinite light. To access this light we have to release the facades and masks that the ego mind created. These false truths can be called entitlement. This card asks us to step out of self-importance, entitlement and move into self-awareness. Today is a good day to observe the antics and tricks that your ego plays in your life. It is a great story teller and it loves fabricating truths and distorting your reality. Really look at what your mind is fixating on and try and release these issues. If resentment, loneliness, pride and low self-esteem is one of those thought patterns then you will have to do some work today to release these out of your energy field. Ask the Buddha of infinite light to inspire your mind and to fill your energy body with its enlightened wisdom. Release the need to be right and focus on peaceful thoughts today. This energy asks us to stay in the energy of the heart, moving out of the negative ego mind and moving deeper into the heart. It also grants the opportunity to release some past life issues and fears. Observe what comes up in your space today, if you recognise an old pattern then you are busy releasing a past life pattern. These patterns can keep us trapped in negative energy for a long time, so observe and then ask your body to release this energy from all the different layers that make up your energy field. An affirmation to assist can be:

“I now release all outdated negative past life patterns that are not serving my highest good. I balance the energy of my ego by choosing what I want to experience in my life and releasing the issues that are wasting my time”.

May the Buddha of infinite light bless you today with his wisdom.


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