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Auracle card of the day: Self- Empowerment
Originally this card was going to be called the blame monster which would serve a purpose: letting you know that you are blaming your world for what is going wrong or what is unsatisfactory in your life. I had to however wait for guidance in naming this card to also get the insight and energy medicine how to heal the blame monster. So let's first explore the blame monster. The blame monster lives in your subconscious mind which means it directs the show of your life in your mind from the shadows, almost like when your computer picks up a virus. It sabotages, creates self-doubt and fear and basically grumbles continuously in your mind, that the reason that you are not where you think you are supposed to be in life is because of someone else. This someone else can be a person, circumstances, crappy upbringing, unfulfilled dreams. Its creates discontent and disharmony in your psyche. By blaming we forget that we are at this very moment in complete control of our lives. Our past creates our future, yes, but our present can also create our future if we release our past. We tend to re-create all these past patterns over and over and the reason for this is that we are not present with these issues, we keep them in the hurt box in the past and we think if we place all these issues in a box and ignore the box then it can't hurt us anymore. So some of us walk around with very heavy full boxes in our heads, filled to the brim with stuff that should have been recycled a long time ago. From this box we also tend to box our life, we compartmentalise our life, instead of integrating all the different pieces. So the new name of this card is Self- Empowerment. The Self is to do with your soul. Your soul is the only aspect of your energy that really knows who you are if you release the boxes and the bullsh*t. It is your Source intelligence and it is pure, loving and gentle. Quite the opposite to the blame monster. So this card a difficult one I must admit, it is the choosing between the intelligence of your true self your Soul, or the destructive power of your inner blame monster. What do you choose today? The second aspect about this card is to do with being drained by energies around you that is not aligned with your Soul. Instead of blaming you need to cut those ties. Consciously cut those energy strings that bind you to the chronic complainers out there. Chronic complainers or blame monsters are not living in the present tense and if you are not in the present tense you need a lot of energy to keep your past hurts alive. Your body can only make enough energy for the now, for today, so a chronic complainer has to borrow or steal from others. Harsh but true, this is also the main reason if someone carries on and on how bad it is for them that you will feel exhausted after the interaction. Also chronic complainers usually create chronic dis-ease conditions in their bodies because they are constantly spending their energy on their past. If you spend your daily allowance of energy on the past, then there is nothing to keep the body healthy in the present tense. So a practical thing to do is to bring that person's awareness into the present moment and ask them if things are really as bad as they think it is? Or is it just bad in their minds? If they get angry then you have released those ties and most likely also that friendship. In all friendships we have to observe our roles, are we aligned or is someone getting a free b*tch session. On a lighter note, the blame monster/chronic complainer (when aware of this inner dialogue) is trying to improve their lives but they don't always know where to start, so if someone is willing to create positive changes in their lives, then those are the people to keep around. Finally, to heal or pacify your blame monster you have to take personal responsibility for what you are allowing your mind to create. We have to be ever watchful of the antics the ego mind plays to get attention. Like a naughty child it sometimes needs some structure or be made aware of consequences if it is to heal. For today be watchful of your blame monster. If you find yourself blaming anyone even yourself become aware, become present and try and look at your life right now. You have to empower yourself, no one else can do this for you. The assistance of your Soul is there, if you let her, she will help.
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