64- aura clearing spray protectionPreviously known as Seal & Shield. Creates a shield of protection around the aura.

Auracle card of the day: Protection

This card indicates that the energy in the world around us at the moment is quite intense and volatile. We have to find ways to isolate ourselves from this energy to prevent ourselves from becoming part of it. A way to achieve this is to not read negative news, not to engage in negative conversations or sharings and to find happy positive things to surround yourself with. This card usually makes us aware that we are more vulnerable to negative psychic interference than normal and that we should be more vigilant with our prayers and affirmations to create a protective field of light around us. These negative energies could be our own negative mind-set, the negative beliefs and emotions around us, negative people around us or very old trauma that is stuck in your body that is ready to be cleared and healed. If we don’t pay attention to this vulnerability then we will enmesh ourselves in the dramas around us, our emotions will be overwhelmed our mind will move into a destructive space and we will battle with our physical energy levels. It is a good day to create those personal boundaries, if there is anyone intense and negative around you, including yourself, be clear and tell them to get lost. If you have been in a dark space then try and find the light today. Do some self-healing or move yourself into a natural healing environment like the beach, your garden or a forest. Listen to uplifting music, write a list of positive experiences you want and need in your life, create a vision board or paint a bright happy painting. Seek positive energy today and maybe affirm or pray for extra protection around your energy field. A good visualisation is to meditate folding a warm blanket in a deep blue colour around your shoulders, as you affirm and visualise your protection feel that the blanket becomes a protective armour that is keeping your energy with you. You could also wear darker colours like indigo and black today for extra sealing and protection.

Affirmation: I am completely present in my own energy and I am completely sealed and protected by my Source light.


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