Helps to clear a negative and pessimistic mind and tinnitus.
Assists to activate clairaudience.63- aura clearing spray concentration


Auracle card of the day: Concentration

This card indicates that your mind are a bit scrambled, a bit all over the show, for some even a bit pessimistic and negative. When the mind is in this state it makes it difficult to focus on what is important at this moment and the mind drifts and re-visits old destructive patterns. What we think we become, so by accessing these thought patterns we drop our energy and we stop living in the present moment and therefore our levels of joy and enthusiasm drops as well. If you are feeling like this today, then there might be a good reason, firstly energetically there is some planetary influences activating these patterns to be healed. Secondly you are not mastering your mind and your energy is becoming a slave to the negative ego aspect of your mind. Thirdly you are engaging with too much negative news around you. Become conscious, become aware and choose what you want to engage with today. Try not to be a victim of negative vibrations but become a master of your own mind. Lastly, this card is about comparison, try not to compare your journey to the life path of someone else, we are all unique reflections of God, and we are all here to contribute something unique to life, be proud of this fact. By focussing your attention on this you will re-align the energy in your body to a more gentle feeling and emotion. Sit quietly, and listen to the chatter in your mind. If it’s positive, awesome! If it is destructive, change you’re thought patterns by deliberately choosing good memories and thoughts. If you truly move into silence today, then you will start hearing the gentle prompting of your soul. It will give you information on what it is that you could or should be doing with your live. By focussing your mind you will create a beam of light that will show you the way forward.


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