Helps to seal and protect your chakras and clear aura cracks.62- aura clearing spray encapsulate


Auracle card of the day: Encapsulate

Your energy is a bit vulnerable at the moment to Psychic interference. It is a good idea to become more aware of this and to take responsibility for your own well-being. You can start by sealing all your chakras one by one, starting at the root or base chakra and then working your way up. Visualise a gold shield around each chakra and state and affirm that that chakra is sealed in the light. Also visualise a gold shield around the outer layers of your aura and state that you are completely shielded from psychic interference, negative energy lower thought forms, emotions and belief systems. It is a good idea to really work on your own energy to today and not to accept any guidance from the outside. Feel what is right for you and ignore the rest. Encapsulate means to isolate yourself from the outside energetic world, almost like taking an internal retreat where you just work with your own energy and own stuff.


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Moon in Sagittarius
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Full Moon
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