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Auracle card of the day: Drama

The term "drama" can refer to any kind of dramatic performance, including film, radio play and television. Two symbolic masks are traditionally associated with drama to represent the generic division between comedy and tragedy. They are symbols of the ancient Greek Muses, Thalia and Melpomene, the Muse of comedy represented by the laughing face and the Muse of tragedy represented by the weeping face.

This card is very much aligned with the energy that is representing itself at the moment. There is a strong Mercurial influence, which means, all the shit is in our head. And at the moment Mercury is doing its retrograde thing to confuse most of us. What this means practically is that there will be an abundance of mis-communication, no communication and drama. Drama is caused when the ego is so busy running the show that one can’t see what one is creating. To step out of drama you humbly need to step out of destructive energy fields and try not to be too obsessive about proving that you are right. It is a big challenge as most of us don’t like being wrong or wronged and this energy asks us to put the ego mind in the pocket and just observe what people are creating around you. You have a choice here, either step into the stories and become part of the drama or step out of the story and become the observer or even the director. Life is a dramatic play of different types of energies and you can choose the happy face or the sad face. Everything is a choice, even engaging in drama is a choice. The reason why this card is making an appearance has to do with the general lack of personal integrity in our world. I am sure most people on the path has experienced recent personal experiences of just not being treated with respect and dignity. This card represent an energy cycle that we can’t really control but we can step out of it by becoming very mindful of how we get pulled into situations that are not of our making. Try and step out of any blame towards others, most people are not aware that they’re actions create realities. Become aware of what you create daily and what the outcomes of those creations create in your life. Is life making you smile, or is it making your frown? If you are in a constant state of drama, then you have to make big adjustments to realign yourselves with the universal flow of bliss. Try and find the core of the drama, if you are presently finding yourself in one. Ask yourself the following questions: Is this really mine? Should I be reacting to this? Did I do anything to attract this shit? If it has nothing to do with you, detach your mind and move on. Try not to fixate your energy and mind on things that are not yours to correct or fix. Choose not to engage in any drama, and try not to create any yourself and Mercury should bless you with clarity and direction.


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