Helps to balance self doubt.
Assists with helping us to be spontaneous and to have some fun.60- aura clearing spray support

Auracle card of the day: Support

When we feel supported by life, life tends to flow, move and grow organically. When we feel unsupported by life then we feel separated from the creative flow and this can lead to stagnation and discontent. This card is about allowing yourself to be supported by the Universe by aligning yourself to its natural flow. The easiest way to get into this flow is to have fun. Quite often we seek support from people around us that are not even able to support themselves physically, emotional, mentally or spiritually. The support card is about listening to your soul and finding ways to create feelings of support for yourself. Find that mental list of all the things that you have been wanting to do for yourself, but created excuses not to do. Choose one of those things on the list that is possible to do today and just do it. Alternatively think about what really makes you feel good and supported and play with that energy today. Be childlike and have some fun and feel how the gentle hands of the universe will support you in this. Not only will you feel more awake and alive but you will also feel that you are worthy. Most of the times we rather do things for others than for ourselves and this usually stems from not feeling worthy to receive. Today is a good day to support yourself and the needs of your soul by doing something amazing for yourself. You are worth it and you are allowed to have fun!! The support card is about spoiling yourself by listening to what it is that your soul needs from you today. Sometimes, actually most of the time, it is the simpler things in life that can create lasting change. Allow the Universe to support you today and listen to the quiet voice inside for guidance how to create a feeling of lasting support.

This card is also aligned with the colour Tangerine, a beautiful clear orange with a hint of magenta pink. Tangerine brings warmth, creativity and joy into the aura, so if you are daring enough to wear this shade, then go ahead. The support card is also about being spontaneous and light hearted, not analysing everything but sometimes just doing things. By sometimes pushing yourself a bit and just doing things that you would usually first analyse you will start clearing self- doubt. Do something daring and spontaneous today!



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