Previously known as Divine Peace. Balances the solar plexus

energy, 6-aura clearing spray groundedbringing peace of mind. Holds the energy

of the Sixth Ray. 



Auracle card of the day: Grounding

This a practical, connected energy. By being present and grounded in the physical body you will find peace of mind. If you are not in a space of peace then you are not present in your body and therefore not present with your life. Many think that being present is being aware in your “head (mind)”, in fact being present means that the soul must be anchored in the physical body, and not floating around in “la la land”. This card holds the energy of being connected with yourself but also to the energy of the earth. It’s about finding balance between the body and the mind. It holds the vibrational energy of the Buddha, walking barefoot teaching, sharing his wisdom. To access this wisdom you have to move into an inner silence of connection, quite interesting that the Buddha had to find a tree to achieve this. So seek out a beautiful tree that speaks to your soul today, take of your shoes get comfortable, hold the image of the meditating Buddha, with a soft smile on his face in your mind’s eye. Move deeper and closer to yourself, connect with nature, nurture your busy mind, take a break, and nurture yourself. A good idea will also be to nurture your feet by giving them a massage or even treat yourself to an aromatherapy or reflexology foot massage.


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Sun in Gemini
Moon in Sagittarius
14 degrees
Full Moon
Full Moon
14 days old
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