Helps to regain lost power and clear obligations.59- aura clearing spray freedom


Auracle card of the day: Freedom

This card is about forgiving yourself, forgiving your past and forgiving the ones you blamed for the perceived things that did not go well in your life. It’s a card of releasing stuck energy and baggage accumulated over many lifetimes. As you release the old you will access your own lost power. Every time you experience any form of trauma, obligation, guilt, regret and resentment you lose bits of your personal power, your chi. The biggest traps to not feeling free in your life are obligations, these are non-verbal agreements that we form with others despite our own inner knowing that it is not good for us. We all do it and we all catch ourselves from time to time resenting choices that we made. A suggestion here is to always wait before you commit and feel what that commitment feels like energetically. If it’s not giving you joy, then it is not aligned with your soul. We all have free will and we all choose exactly how our lives unfold, we are not victims of circumstance but co-creators of reality. So the question today is: what are you creating in your life? What do you not like that you are creating? It might be the right time to observe where you are holding onto past programs and forgive yourself for agreeing to those contracts. Freedom arrives when we open our hearts and minds to all the universe has to offer. If we don’t listen or follow our inner guidance we will get pushed to release the artificial comfort zones we create to feel secure and safe in this world. If you look carefully at this mandala you will notice that there are four stylised Egyptian Ankhs in the centre of the mandala. The number four signifies structure and strength and the Ankhs represent life. What this means symbolically is that we have to have structures in place to create life. If we have no structure we will lose power, life force and our sense of freedom. Think about this logically, you can’t write a book, finish it and publish it without some form of structure. Also every single job has a structure to make things move into the right direction. Freedom comes when we create the right structure that will serve our Divine purpose. Power comes when energy has a structure to flow into. An analogy would be that you need a mould to cast cement into, to create a shape, no mould no shape. Structure creates the mould for energy to flow into, this structure creates power and freedom. For today embrace your ability to freely choose what you want in your life. Embrace your ability to also set yourself free from anything that is not aligned with your highest purpose.


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