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Auracle card of the day: Not my stuff!!

This is an interesting card, it might seem like you are side-stepping issues but sometimes you are over-responsible and think that everything that comes up in your space is a reflection of you. We all engage with many different types of energy every day and if every single person is a reflection of you then we all might be in big trouble. How the energy of “not my stuff” works is that you don’t have to claim what you don’t relate to. By creating this slight separation between you and the energy stuff around you, you create time and space to explore if something belongs to you or not. The fun part of this card is to stop being so serious with all the energy issues and actually claim nothing for a day. Try it for a day especially with your own thoughts. If the thoughts are negative then passionately talk to yourself and say: “This is not my stuff!!! I am authentic, beautiful, bright and happy and now release any energy that is not reflecting my purest light.” Practice this technique and see how your energy changes. This time of the year always creates loads of unfulfilled energy, projections, fighting and biting and sadness and it is a good idea not to tap into this but focus on joy and happiness. Deliberately treat yourself to better experiences that create better feelings in your body. Stop claiming the energy that is not yours, let each person deal with their own stuff. 


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