55- aura clearing spray karmaHelps to release negative life patterns, karmic debts and promises.

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Auracle card of the day: Karma

We are still processing the unconscious patterns of the underworld. The underworld holds our unhealed hurts and traumas from our past, sometimes also our past lives. You will know if you are busy with this energy if you can’t relate to the things that are happening around you but you are getting affected by them. Family drama and interesting relationships is one of the energies that are playing a big part of the clearing process. We are being asked to create strong personal boundaries but to still respond to dramas with compassion. Most people are completely oblivious how their actions or inactions create negative experiences for the people around them and for themselves. This time asks us to become responsible for our own stuff and then to transform this stuff into something useful. The key is to observe the drama but to stay clear of it. It’s like watching fireworks from a distance, if you are to close you might get hurt. So watch and observe what is going on but step back when it comes into your personal space, especially if you feel the strings of guilt, boredom, anger, frustration and obligation tugging at your heart strings. Today be aware of what you are thinking, saying and what you are feeling, make sure that your actions are filled with honesty and integrity.


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