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Auracle card of the day: Boundaries

Today is a good day to observe the strength of your energy boundaries. If they are weak then people will give themselves permission to step into your energy and overpower you. You will react to this in two ways, either get very anger or you will freeze and give the cold shoulder. The button pusher is the basic pattern of all energy leakage. If your buttons are pushed you lose energy to your past and sometimes also to the person that is pushing.  You will know when you have lost energy when you feel a sense of irritation, anger or even empty detachment. Create strong energy boundaries by honouring who you are. Make sure that the people around you also honour you for who you are. If they are not honouring you, then they are not seeing you and the best thing is to not surround yourself with these people anymore. Look at your life objectively and decide: What do I deserve? What do I allow? And what makes me happy? Make the necessary adjustments to create peace and bliss in your life. If your button is pushed, investigate where energy is stuck, usually in the past and do some investigating how to release this energy. Strong personal boundaries are very important, they isolate you in your own karmic patterns and help you to heal those when your boundaries are weak, other energies also arrive to be cleared, these are mostly not yours. So create strong personal boundaries and give yourself space to work on your own karmic shit!


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