53- aura clearing spray opportunityClears obsession, bringing spiritual growth

and opportunities.

Auracle card of the day: Opportunity


Today we have an energy window to make big changes in our lives. Observe what you love, what gives you joy and ask the Universe to bless you with more opportunities where you can express this joy. This card is not about making plans, it’s about surrendering your plans, but having a feeling of joy in the heart to attract the right circumstances into your life to align you with your soul’s purpose. Listen to uplifting music today if you are feeling a lack of joy, this will change your vibration. Obstacles are opportunities in disguise! If there is a big obstacle in your life at this moment, observe what you can learn from it, and then move on, surrender it in meditation to your Higher Self and ask to be inspired by the Universe to show you your next step towards your joy.

This card honours the Egyptian Goddess Hathor. Hathor is the Godddess of childbirth, beauty, the zodiac, music, fun and light heartedness. The Ancient Egyptians had festivals dedicated to her to bring fertility, not just physical but also as an inspiration for artists to activate creative energy. In Egypt one of the main temples dedicated to Hathor in Dendara was a special sacred place of worship and also one of the most beautifully preserved temples. What is interesting is that it takes quite a lot of effort to get to this temple as it is off the tourist path. Once you are there you will see what the original temples looked like. Beautiful bright clear colours adorned the walls and pillars and you can even get a feeling of sacredness. It is believed that this temple also served as a space that was used for sound healing and the wives of the pharaohs used to go there for child birth.  Friday the 22 July was the rising of Sirius which in the Ancient Egyptian calendar signified the starting of the flooding of the Nile and also their New Year. This brought celebration, jovial fun, music and opportunity for new growth to the land and her people. This card brings the same energy but we have to find a state of joy, we have to clear any obsessive thoughts and actually just have a bit of fun with life. One of the main messages of this card is also to let go of your plans especially the ones that trap your creative thoughts. Surrender these to your Higher Self and ask for guidance, then have some fun. Light-heartedness will attract the right experiences effortlessly into your energy and into your space. When we move more into the creative mind, the mind becomes fertile with new ideas, concepts and can even give you clear direction and guidance. For today play, let go, have some fun, be creative while listening to uplifting music. Celebrate the life that you have been given.



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