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Assists with accepting that you have gifts to

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Auracle card of the day: Dharma

Dharma meaning good deeds, virtue, balance, universal law of Divine order, respect, the law of opposites and balance is an amazing energy to work with today. Try and stay in your own state of balance: even mind, balanced emotions, happy body and gratitude for what and who you have around you. This card is the good aspect of karma, where you have learned from your past mistakes and you are now accessing the gifts from those actions. Good deeds create good rewards. So for today practice random acts of kindness where you bless anyone who comes into your space. Those people are placed there for you to share your gifts from the universe. Accept that life is a miracle to be shared with everyone around you, including yourself. Do something good, positive and uplifting for someone. It can be as simple as paying a compliment when someone has made effort with their appearance, or sharing food and kindness with random strangers. Everyone and everything is connected with a thread of light, sharing your light built this thread and makes it stronger. The more we built these light threads the stronger and more positive this web of light becomes for everyone. Today start sharing your gifts and talents. Accept that you are a part of this miracle called life, as is everyone else.


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Sun in Gemini
Moon in Sagittarius
14 degrees
Full Moon
Full Moon
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