51- aura clearing spray guidanceHealing stressed animals and assists with animal communication.

Auracle card of the day: Guidance

Today try and spend some time in nature as this card indicates that the beings in nature, birds, animals, insects and plants are communicating with you. What would this message be to you at this moment? Maybe sit quietly and reflect how you feel when you do connect with mother earth? In general this card always means that it is a good idea to keep your eyes and ears open. Nature is sending you messages from the other realms and if you are too busy with life then you might be missing the answers to your prayers. Pay attention if the same animal, bird or insects comes into your space and maybe do some research on what that means. We all know that butterflies bring transformation and change, maybe you also know that if a bee comes into your home, especially a couple of times in a row then you are working with your ancestors. The whole natural world is constantly communicating with us, sending us subtle messages, keep your eyes and ears open today. Another way to read this card is to also thank your personal guardians in your space, honour them by giving them special treats today. These will be your cats or dogs, your furry companion on your earth journey. If you don’t have a creature sharing your space, maybe donate or help the animals in need today. Maybe plant a butterfly attracting plant or play a bit in your garden.


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