Helps to clear alien influences, scrambled mind, dizziness.49- aura clearing spray interference


Auracle card of the day: Interference

This card indicates that your mind might be a bit fuzzy today, a bit scrambled or that there is a general lack of focus and drive. The reason for this firstly can be planetary influences, secondly the types of food that you are craving and eating and thirdly there might be some psychic interference. It is a good idea to do some energy clearing today, maybe lie down, listen to uplifting but gentle music and ask the intelligence of your energy body to release anything that is not serving your highest good. You can also spend time in nature and breathe out any destructive or heavy thoughts and emotions and ask Mother Nature to balance your energy. It is also the card known to us at AuraEssence as the blame monster, usually when we don’t want to be responsible for our own life we blame others, ourselves, our circumstances or our past  for the inability to be happy in the present moment. Today is the day where you can become responsible for your own life. Look at your life objectively and from a space of observation and be brutally honest with yourself. If there is any resistance then there is stuff to clear and release, if you think it is not me, then there is stuff to clear. Any blaming in your consciousness means you are feeling victimised and there is stuff to heal and clear. Today is not a good day to trust your gut feel. You can trust your intuition though. Gut feel is about your reality telling your body what is going on around you, because of the energy scrambling at the moment these signals or feedback can be a bit distorted. Today your reality can in fact be lying to you. A good way to bypass this is to go quietly and listen the higher wisdom of intuition. Intuition is not circumstantial based, it is direct communication from Source to your mind. Try and use your intuitive abilities today to release you from blame and shame and bring in higher acceptance and responsibility for what you have created in your world. The bottom line here is if you don’t like what you have created in your life then take some action and change your mind, emotions and beliefs about your life. You are a very powerful creator, you create everything in your life.


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