48- aura clearing spray time out

Helps to clear planetary influence such as solar flares, eclipses and retrogrades.

Auracle card of the day: Time Out

This card is about how you use your time. It’s about allocating time sections for each task at hand and not to get overwhelmed by thinking that you don’t have enough time. This card indicates that you might be running around and that you are not giving yourself personal time to recuperate and recharge your energy body. It’s also about not projecting your energy into the future and trying to stay in the present tense. If time management is a problem for you then you might be saying yes too many people and you are forgetting about saying yes to yourself. It’s the right time today to look at how you manage and utilise your time and make some necessary changes to create more free time for yourself. The time out card also means that there might be some planetary influences that is affecting your energy body. If you are feeling a bit drained and tired for the last couple of days then its means these energies are affecting you. A good way to balance this is to take walks next to the ocean. The ocean will ground these energies and make you feel more grounded in your body. Be mindful of the negative emotions and belief systems today as they can steal your energy and time that you could be spending on something in a more aligned manner. For today honour the concept of time by being more aware of how you are spending your time, energy, money, love and joy which are all the same thing. Try and stay present in the moment and catch your mind when it is projecting itself into the future or into the past. Take an energy break by taking a walking “time out” break.


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