46- aura clearing spray observation

Previously known as Observation & Detachment. Helps to observe drama and clear projections.
Opens the third eye so you can see your own truth.

Auracle card of the Day: Observation
Originally this card was called observation and detachment, and it means exactly that, observe what is happening in and around you and then detach your energy. Do not get involved, do not analyse, no not try and fix things! This card indicates that there is a lot of unconscious energy projected around us at the moment. This means that people's fears, anxieties, stress, desires, etc. are sitting in the ethers and that every now and again this energy needs an out let, an expression. If you are conscious of this energy in your own body you will find ways to process it, to release it. If you are unconscious of this energy you will project it onto other people. The important bit about this card is not to get lost in the blame game but to observe what is happening around you from detached point of view. It is also important to notice that it is just energy that people are flinging around to rid themselves from emotional or mental pain (who flung the dung?) and the energy law states that energy can be transformed, changed or healed. It is important not to take anything too personally at the moment. Energy wise we are all in a purging cycle today which means we are trying to clear the things that make us feel uncomfortable in our own psyche. Projections, if fuelled with enough emotion, can also be seen as curses. If you are feeling a bit heavy or lethargic today then an energy clearing will be the best thing to assist you. Another remedy can be to visualise that you are completely clear from all psychic energy influences: visualise your aura being cleared with a liquid blue light and ask that any energy that does not belong to you will be cleared. Finally, the Egyptian god Horus represents the energy of this card, he holds the energy of the third eye. The third eye is where we hold visions for our future, so today will be a good idea to visualise what you want your life to look like. Try and focus on positive things and positive outcomes and detach from any drama that does not belong to you.
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