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Previously known as Willingness & Change. Clears your home space of negative entities and negative belief systems.


Auracle card of the day: Change

When this card comes up in a reading it always indicates that you have to put your ego in your pocket and if you want to move forward in life that you must be willing to embrace change. Easier said than done. When we are enmeshed in our own mental bullsh*t and emotional garbage then it can be very hard to see our way forward. This energy, if played with for too long, will then go and sit in your personal environment. It vibrates outward from your energy field and then attracts more of the same. Because you are living in the space it might feel fine, the reason for this is that you are in it, a fish doesn’t know it is in water until it is caught and taken out of the water. So physical things to look out for if you suspect that there might be stuck energy in your home are: things keep breaking, unnecessary bickering and fighting, irritation, water leaks, frustration and anger and a general energy of discontent. The only way to move forward is to change your environment and change your mind. So be mindful of the energy that you are expressing. It will be a good idea to smudge your home environment with incense, frankincense and sacred herbs like Imphepho or white sage. Clean up, sort out, donate, chuck and clear your space today. If you feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of this, choose one space in your environment to sort out today and bring some beauty into your home with flowers. Secondly create personal boundaries, if there is anything or anyone draining you or frustrating you then today is the day to clear those frustrations. If you can’t clear it with the person involved then write it out and then surrender it. Try not to hold on to old baggage. Lastly for all of us to grow on a spiritual level, we have to move through challenging situations to be able to find the inner strength, to create positive and lasting change. To be able to do this we have to surrender our negative ego mind and be willing to make ourselves vulnerable to change.

AuraEssence has a beautiful range of space clearing products, including space clearing sprays, Imphepho and Sage herbs for cleansing, handmade natural incense and we offer Home Clearing and African Feng Shui and Colour therapy advice as a service to bring beautiful fresh energy into your home. All the products can be ordered from our website and can be posted in a day or you can visit our small home shop by setting up an appointment.


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