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Previously known as Oneness & Soul Purpose. Helps to find soul purpose. 


Auracle card of the day: Oneness

“the quality of being one; singleness, uniqueness, sameness, identity, unity of thought, feeling, belief, aim, agreement; concord, a strong feeling of closeness or affinity; union, He feels an oneness with God”


As human beings we often separate ourselves from the greater flow of life out there and we place ourselves in our minds and bodies into a cocoon of “mine”. This mine, is my family, my home, my stuff, my job, my money. If we observe what this mine-ness has done to our planet then it leaves us at quite a scary place. Many powerful ancient civilisations who lived in harmony with nature and one another did everything for the tribe and the selfish “me” did not came into the equation. There are still tribes today in Vanuatu that live by these rules and what they have achieved is a life of harmony and no separation. We separate ourselves from the flow because of a deep fear of not achieving or not having and we continuously strive for more, more what you ask? More stuff!! Do we need more stuff on this planet? I think we need more sharing without conditions on this planet, we need to look into the eyes of the people around us and access that connection that on some level we are all exactly the same. We are all reflections of the same Source Energy. And therefore when you help the ones close to you, in a way you are also helping yourself. This card is about balancing the inner world of mind and emotions with the outer world of action. No use thinking about doing something and then not taking the action. It is the card that reflects the energy of the Divine Mind. The Divine mind is the patterns that holds all of this world together, unfortunately we have separated ourselves from this energy and we run around desperately filled with anxiety in our own minds. This card is a reminder to re-connect to your Higher Mind, this can only be achieved through silent contemplation. So for today go and sit quietly, breathe, observe your mind and then surrender your mind to the Universal Mind. A visualisation can be that there is a small string connected to your crown chakra and you stretch this string upwards into the universe until you reach a space filled with colour, geometry and light. Let your mind rest there and wait for the inspiration to flow into your mind. The second aspect is to explore your personal numerology, this will give you insight and direction on your life path.


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