40- aura clearing spray hopePreviously known as Hope & Freedom.  Clears over-sensitivity and brings freedom. 

Auracle card of the day: Hope

This card is about a feeling that things are shifting and changing and that it is a good idea to hold your intention and attention on positive outcomes in your life. Hope is not a pathetic energy of giving-in when things get a bit tough and thinking, “I hope it gets better”. It a strong warrior goddess energy of taking positive action to create positive change in your life. If you are stuck in some old patterns at the moment then this energy can help you to move forward. The beauty of this card is that you always know what is good for you, which path to follow and that listening to your soul will allow you to access your freedom. This card also indicates that your emotional body and your nervous system are under pressure at the moment and this can make you over-sensitive to energy that is not even yours. Try and step out of the mind and emotions into your physical body. But trust what the intelligence of your energy body is trying to show you about you at this time. You might receive intuitive promptings from your soul to do certain things, read certain books or start a project, all of these things are aligned with taking a bit of positive action to move forward in life. This card is aligned with the energy of the higher heart which can also be seen as your spiritual heart. The spiritual heart quite often wants different things that the romantic heart and today is a good day to listen to what your spiritual heart needs from you. It will always be gentle in nature and it will make you feel awesome when you listen and apply. Allow yourself to listen today and act on the intuition that your soul so generously shares with you. Take some positive action to create a new reality and future for yourself.


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