Previously known as Purity & Ascension. Creates balance between

love, power and wisdom. Helps with any kind of abuse.

Holds the energy of the Fourth Ray.

4- aura clearing spray white


Auracle card of the day: Purity

Purity is about clearing all the unconscious nonsense that sometime fill our minds and rule our world. It’s about clearing the heart, letting go of pain, fear, suffering and anxiety and filling the heart with hope freedom, expansiveness and joy. It’s about balancing the energy of the heart, the balance between love, power and wisdom. To balance power we have to surrender to Source, to balance love we have to start with Self- love and then spread that love to others, to balance wisdom we have to give up what we think we know ( obsessive thinking ) and open to the vast expansive wisdom of the universe. Wisdom is not learned it is experienced in the heart, and only wisdom helps us to mature spiritually. Today is a good day to surrender all the heavy feelings in your heart to your Higher Self to be transmuted.


Contact Details:

Berto - 082 556 7400
[email protected]

Tamar - 081 727 9939
[email protected]

Sun in Gemini
Moon in Sagittarius
14 degrees
Full Moon
Full Moon
14 days old
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