38- aura clearing spray passion

Previously known as Passion & Desire. Energises and brings warmth to the body and to relationships. 

Auracle card of the day: Passion

This is an energetic fire card, it indicates that there might be some passion that needs to be expressed. This year the energy started a bit slow so many people are battling to get into the swing of things. The energy of this card can assist with getting the fires started. Firstly this cards is about the digestion and absorption in your  body, if you are feeling a bit lethargic, tired or just not keen to do anything, then it can be that your body needs a bit of a cleanse. Secondly this card indicates that there is some reactive, explosive emotional energy around, so the key is not to take anything too personally. Thirdly this is a transformative fire element card, which means there is lots of energy but it has to be expressed to be accessed. The fire passion card asks us to become a bit more enthusiastic about our lives, bringing in dedication and passion. By working with this energy today you can fuel your aura with energy and light helping you to move forward and actually begin this year. There is a bit of a warning though, if frustration, irritation or anger is sitting in your emotional body then you will have to be careful that you don’t project these energies onto others or your surroundings. If you are feeling these emotions and are battling to release them some cardio- exercise, actually anything that raises the temperature in the body, will help you to release this pent up emotion. If you are not releasing it and you are projecting it into the world then the world will respond with giving you more of the same vibration. Project anger, irritation, and frustration and receive more anger, irritation and frustration. Find the energy of passion today, this might be doing something that you are passionate about, being warm and kind to people around you, releasing pent up anger and irritation. Make a list of what you will do if you have more energy, more fire and choose one thing off that list to start the fire energy in your heart. For today create your world with passion from your heart’s desire.


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Full Moon
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