37- aura clearing spray integrity

Previously known as Initiation & Integrity. Helps to stay centered in negative conditions.

Auracle card of the day: Integrity

At the moment mostly people are not aware of their unconscious behaviour and this can lead to the creation of negative karma. The energy does however always starts with you, so make sure you are working with the highest truth and integrity in your mind and body. Be aware of how you say things and make sure that your thoughts, words and emotions are aligned. Quite often people say things but feel or mean something else and this is not working with honesty and integrity. Integrity is a difficult energy to work with because you have to still stay in your truth even though the world is cheating, stealing and lying. This card usually indicated that you have to be super vigilant with your energy as you can easily step into someone else’s story or drama. In the middle of this sacred geometric mandala is the Buddhist endless knot which represents the patterns of being stuck in karma, following different paths to become unstuck and actually just running around in the maze of your mind. The only way to step out is to become responsible and work with integrity. Start working with your higher mind, the mind that helps us to surrender to a higher mind and release the hold the negative lower ego mind has on you. Today be aware of your own levels of integrity, try and be more honest with yourself and the world around you.


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Sun in Leo
Moon in Aries
11 degrees
Third Quarter Moon
Third Quarter Moon
20 days old
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