35- aura clearing spray contemplation

Previously known as Humbleness & Harmlessness. Helps you to stay aware of your own ego and stay in a space of harmlessness.

Auracle card of the day: Contemplation

This card brings the healing energy of the green Tara, it brings healing energy to our busy minds. Contemplation is about creating a space where the external interferences are in the background and it is not stealing your energy anymore. It’s about letting go of all the obsessive thoughts and surrendering to clarity and understanding of the Higher Mind. This can only be achieved once the busy, busy hamster of the mind stops running. By moving into a space of contemplation you will also gain deeper insights about your life that you might miss if you keep thinking. So for today, go and sit quietly, let the thoughts drift away and maybe focus your mind on the Jade colour of this card, or focus your mind on the perfection of nature, maybe observe the perfection of a flower, let your mind be filled with stillness and clarity.


Contact Details:

Berto - 082 556 7400
[email protected]

Tamar - 081 727 9939
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Sun in Gemini
Moon in Sagittarius
14 degrees
Full Moon
Full Moon
14 days old
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