Helps with healing self doubt and negative self talk.31- aura clearing spray worthiness


Auracle card of the day: Worthiness

This card is about the inside world of your mind and emotions, it’s about the voice inside that either judges or praises. Today is a good day to observe what your small voice inside is saying about you and your life. If it has a negative pessimistic tone then it is time to address this and start changing that voice into a more grateful positive one. Our mind continuously judges and compares itself to the outside world and then it creates an internal voice to match the outside judged perceived world. For instance, if you believe the people around you think you are not good enough and you start believing this, then it will form a negative self-talk voice that continuously affirms that you are not good or clever enough. It is time to start praising yourself for the things or qualities that you are good at and to start reprimanding the negative self-talk with love and kindness. If you reprimand with more “heaviness” then this exercise won’t have the positive outcome that you are seeking. From a metaphysical energetic point of view, this negative self-talk is about actually cursing yourself continuously. Many people believe that the curses from the outside world are the powerful ones, but in my experience the curses created by ourselves and directed towards ourselves are the most destructive. Just think about the “Masaru Emoto” water crystals to demonstrate this point. Whatever we think, feel, perceive, talk about and internally talk about creates an energy pattern in our lives that create the same vibrations and this in turn attracts experiences with the same vibrations. This should make us very responsible for our own energy but usually it doesn’t. Instead of being responsible we reflect and project outwards, we blame. To empower yourself you have to drop any self-mutilating thought patterns, blame and judgements and start becoming very aware of when your mind is stepping back into those old patterns. It is time to embrace and honour your talents and gifts and to become proud of all the good things that you have achieved in your life.

Affirmations: I am good enough and I deserve the best life has to offer. I now release all self-doubt, self- created fear and negative self-talk to my Higher Self.


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