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Auracle card of the day: Authenticity

“real or genuine, not copied or false, true and accurate, original”

Most of us can feel the strong emotional charges at the moment, for some it can be consistent mind chatter or interesting dreams. For others it can be feelings of overwhelmed and confusion. We are in an energy portal that is spinning our energy in all different directions, the reason this is happening has to do with finding our own authentic, original energy pattern to vibrate to. Your soul is doing everything in its power to move you closer and closer to your original pattern of perfection, your soul’s purpose. To integrate this we have to let go of everything we think we know about ourselves and this includes our history from this lifetime. Our history or past creates a base line energy through physical experience that makes us believe that our past is what has moulded us into the person that we are today. If you have become a victim to these experiences then this will be a truth but in essence these experiences just create and mould your personality. And as we all know you are not your personality! The personality can be seen as a program the mind created to make you feel safe, secure and sometimes special. But this is not an operating system it is just a program that you bought into this lifetime. To make things more complicated we tend to run many of these programs simultaneously, this can create great confusion and we tend to stay in a process of trying to figure things out. By trying to figure things out we will get stuck in the hamster wheel of our rational mind, we will run through the same stories over and over without finding a solution. The reason why we do this is because everyone just wants to be accepted, liked and loved. So we create these personality programs, checking with our environment what is acceptable and we play a part in a movie. We become someone that we are not. Being authentic means we drop all these personality programs, we drop all the parts, the stories, the history and we reflect on who we really are inside. By reflecting we become. Here and there you will obviously resist your program, when we resist it can make life a bit “interesting” a bit difficult, but the reward for resisting your program is freedom. So what if your soul instructs you today that for you to be authentic you have to do something completely out of your comfort zone. What if this doing something out of your personality’s comfort zone is what is needed to embrace your uniqueness? Would you be able to do this? Maybe baby steps are needed to embrace this energy. Maybe you start looking at where in your life you can become more honest, clearer and more real, you start integrating that energy. Authenticity is not about what you think or who you think you are, it’s about releasing all the personality masks that you created, it’s about finding your core being. Nature always reflects a good example how to be authentic. One flower does not compare itself to the next flower and think, I am not beautiful. It carries on flowering regardless and it shares its unique beauty with the world. How often do we notice a whole lot of flowers and there might be one that looks different to the others on the same plant and we think “wow look at how that one stands out” or “look how beautiful it is, in its own differentness”. Being authentic means embracing and loving what makes you unique and different. The healing aspect of this card comes from the realisation that we don’t have to please the people around us to be accepted, actually if you feel you need to please people, then you haven’t found your tribe yet. Your real tribe will think you are awesome just the way that you are. We are all unique pieces of a divine puzzle, if we all try and be the same piece then nothing will fit. We have to be authentic and real, this is what your soul demands from you. A final observation and a suggestion related to this card is not to take anything that works against you too personally. Part of the change that you are creating in your energy field it to be more authentic. The loved ones around you might think that you are seriously doing things out of character and this is quite interesting because when we are truly authentic we won’t play the parts people want us to play anymore, we play the part our soul wants us to play. Authenticity often makes people feel uncomfortable, and this is not your energy to fix. Your responsibility is to listen to what your soul needs from you at this time.


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