Previously known as Compassion & Spiritual Discernment. 
Brings gentleness into the aura, helps with difficult people.26- aura clearing spray compassion

 Auracle card of the day: Compassion

Compassion always starts with you being more gentle and kind towards yourself. Secondly stay in a gentle space of compassion towards other people’s suffering, many people are so stuck in their beliefs and dramas that they can’t see their way out. It is not your job to rescue but you can in your mind, emotion and prayers keep them in a space of compassion. The energy at the moment is presenting itself in a manner where we can get lost in the soup of unconsciousness, we have to stay aware and awake and observe how things are moving and spinning, but we don’t have to become part of that. Align yourself with good energy, seek alignment, stay in the heart and if you are really battling connect with the energy of Mother Mary. Ask that she places a baby blue cloak of energy around your aura, this will help you to deal with the intense energy of the moment. Taking a salt bath or swimming in the ocean can also help to defrag your aura. Light some candles and maybe honour your ancestors. Finally keep in mind that we are in a month of mercury retrograde which can cause confusion, mis-communication and internal mind chatter and frustration. Be aware of this but try to observe these patterns and correct yourself where you mis-communicate. Be gentle with your words and actions this will lead to freedom from unnecessary suffering. 


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Sun in Gemini
Moon in Sagittarius
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Full Moon
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