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Auracle card of the day: Purification

Purification is a difficult energy to work with, it means that there is a lot of heavy energy surfacing right now to be cleared and healed. This card is a general energy of toxicity on all levels. Physical toxins in your body and in the earth, emotional toxins in the form of negative emotions and feelings, distorted beliefs systems and thoughts and karmic patterns that needs to be released, global and personal. This is the card of taking personal responsibility for what you are creating in environment and in your own life. Everything that we do individually will have a ripple effect in the energy field around us and then create an energy field that affects other people or your environment. This card holds the clearing potential for clearing psychic attack, prejudice, victimhood, shame, hatred, arrogance, greed, violence and addiction, all heavy distorted vibrations of light. So how can we change these energies from within so that it can change the outside? Firstly you might have to sit quietly for a while and ask your body, mind and emotions to release all negative energies in you, secondly smudge or cleanse your physical surroundings, create a devotional space in your home where you can invite the light in daily. Try and find positive uplifting things to read and watch. When this card come up for me I know that I have absorbed some heavy energy and that I need energy clearing. Either work today with your own energy and ask that anything that is heavy will be released by your highest self or go and see an energy healer or energy coach to help you to purify your energy body. Today is also a day of practically applying yourself in your clearing process, do this by sorting cupboards, donating unwanted things, clearing broken items and creating a bit of structure in your life. This might seem like an unwanted chore today, but it will create structure for the upcoming week. As you are clearing unwanted energies, light some candles and incense, play uplifting music and invite the light to move into your space, clearing all unwanted heavy energies. For today try not to engage in any negative thoughts, news or social interactions. Eat healthy food, listen to uplifting music, and find appreciation for your life.


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