Previously known as Intuition & Sensitivity. Helps with

female energy and
emotional oversensitivity, especially over the full moon.22- aura clearing spray sensitivity 

Auracle card of the day: Sensitivity

Today is an energy sensitive energy day, as we are moving into the energy of the fire Leo full moon it can activate emotions and feelings related to irritation, frustration and even anger. It is a powerful full moon of releasing past frustrations and moving into the next energy cycle with more awareness. Be mindful of the emotions that you are carrying in your body they can give you a direct feedback about where your energy is at. If there are negative emotions present then it is an indication that you might have been in a negative energy pattern, this might be yours or someone that was in your space. Clear this pattern by addressing it and finding your own energy, your own feelings in your body at this moment. By doing this you will release what is not yours. It is also a day of nurturing and looking after yourself. By creating nurture time you will also more clearly access your emotional and intuitive body. For today pay attention to re-occurring emotions and intuitive flashes of insight, these are direct communications from your energy body to your consciousness. Listen, feel, and then act if you need too, but also do this with kindness and gentleness.


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Sun in Gemini
Moon in Sagittarius
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Full Moon
Full Moon
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