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gratitude. 21- aura clearing spray gratitudeBrings freedom and release from past stresses.

Auracle card of the day: Gratitude
There is this notion that we must feel grateful for what we have, even in adversity we are still blessed. It's an easy concept to grasp intellectually but from a metaphysical energy point of view it's quite difficult. How can one feel grateful if there is a lot of suffering in one's life? Or if there is suffering around us? The reason we battle with gratitude is that most people think that they feel grateful for what they have, which keeps the energy in the head space. We should feel grateful from the very deepest aspect of our heart. We should feel so grateful that it almost moves us to tears. This card is linked with the energy of the lungs and the energy of the heart. It about how you are feeling about yourself and how you are feeling about the world around you that you have created with your energy. The lungs sometimes hold very old grief, disappointment, regret and heavy feelings of discontent. Most of these energies are stored form many incarnations of suffering but also in this lifetime from interactions with other hurtful people. Every time you get hurt, you fragment the energy of the heart and lungs and it leaves one disconnected from the present tense. It keeps you trapped in the heavy energy from your past. This in turn will distress the immune system and you will pick up bugs more often and it will move into the lungs, and yes you will feel sorry for yourself. Healing this is about loving and massaging your own body, especially the arms. Looking objectively at your life and making a list of all the wonderful things in your life and thanking each person, experience, and feeling for their goodness. We often only focus when things are a bit negative when we bitch and moan about that energy and we forget to also acknowledge when things are good. Gratitude is a state of heart and the heart will then convince the mind that things are better than what it seems. We tend to think we can change our baseline energy of discontent by running around in our minds to try and feel better. The mind will just regurgitate what you have stored in there, whereas the heart will give you deeper spiritual insight about how to change you feeling body. For today make a list of all the beautiful blessings in your life. Read the items one by one, close your eyes, place these energies in your heart and feel them, thank them and then release them. Show gratitude to others by saying thank you and by blessing them, maybe spoiling them a bit.
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