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Auracle card of the day: Success

Today is a good day to let go of any self-imposed limitation and surrendered to the natural abundant flow of the Universe. A self-imposed limitation is when you think something about yourself that is usually negative and then you belief that it is true.  We are the only species on this planet that forces things to happen, all the other inhabitants flow and let things happen. We don’t see a tree focussing, on an abundance of flowers for spring because it is in flow, it just naturally manifests. We on the other hand have to focus our minds on what we want, the reason for this is that we are not in natural flow anymore and secondly we have too many options to choose from. This card is about successful fulfilment of your soul’s needs. It’s about trusting that you are on the right river, in the right boat and that you will arrive at exactly the right place at the right time. The key is to know this in your heart and focusing your mind on what is important right now, if you are on the right river then you don’t need to worry about your future, you can just flow into your future. It is also about fun while manifesting your heart’s desire, when we have fun with life things naturally unfold how they need too. When we are too serious, we create drama and we have to push our will. This card is about the inner knowing that you can have anything you desire as long it is aligned with your soul’s contract. So today is a good day to gently look at what it is that you want from life. A good idea is to make this real, by writing it down, if you have done this already, edit, read, visualise that your needs are fulfilled. Success is not about how much you have or how much you have accumulated, it’s about how you feel about your life and how you feel about yourself creating and manifesting this life. True success is an inner knowing that everything is exactly how it should be, because you created it like that. There are plenty of resources to share with one another in this world, if we all share what we have, and create balance in this world then we can truly build a successful global community. It all starts with you, share your gifts and talents with others, and also remember to share your goodness with yourself.


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