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Auracle card of the day: Integration
This card deals with the integration or making friends with issues from the past, especially childhood traumas or issues. It’s about accessing the unconscious patterns in your psyche that still needs adjustments, healing or processing. If there is a stuck pattern then you might be getting neck pain or headaches at this moment. Patterns that have not been looked at or suppressed can lead to feelings of discontent and depression. Today it would be a good day to work with the stories of you past, maybe do some writing to download those stories and get them out of your head or talk to a trusted friend. It is about releasing the past, integrating the present so that you can embrace your future. Try and investigate the past, but look at it from a detached point of view, if any emotions or negative destructive thought patterns come up then you still need to do some work to release this out of your aura and out of your filing system (akashic records) . Some ancients believed that these records are held in nature, so a day out in nature connecting with earth can also help to integrate this energy. A good idea would also be to ask a friend for an Indian head massage.


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