Previously known Serenity & Opulence. Brings peace of mind and
tranquillity to the heart.18- aura clearing spray serenity

Auracle card of the day: Serenity

This card brings peace to the mind and tranquillity to the heart. It’s about being content with how life is unfolding for you and letting go of any forceful or willed action. Just breathe and let go. Try and release all judgements about yourself and judgements towards others, release the need to be right and embrace the need to be peaceful. Today is a good day to do more of the things that fill your heat/mind with joy. Accept that the universe does not have a personality, it does not take anything seriously or personally, unlike us it just moves and flows forward without ego. Stop pushing, pulling or manipulating to get your life to work the way you want it to work, instead hold a vision of who you want to be this year. Actually this is the only thing you should hold onto. Release everything else to the abundant flow of the universe. By doing this you will step into serenity, completely at ease with yourself and your world.


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Sun in Gemini
Moon in Sagittarius
14 degrees
Full Moon
Full Moon
14 days old
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