Previously known Element Activation and Divine Alchemy. 16- aura clearing spray rebirthBalances brain chemistry and the endocrine system.

Auracle card of the day: Rebirth

After a week of quite intense energy we are finally moving back into a kind of alignment. This card indicates that the physical body is slowly catching up with all the energetic changes we are going through. This card is about balancing our light and dark within ourselves and not to suppress or focus on either but to integrate both. By integrating our “dark side” we integrate the lessons learned when we were in not such a good space. By doing this we make sure that we don’t have to move through the same life lessons again. The positive side of this card brings the energy of quick manifestation, if you attract from a balanced ego space and an open heart. The time is now to decide what you want in life and focus on that. Play a bit with this energy today. Think of something small that you would like to attract and see how long it takes to arrive in your space. 


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Sun in Leo
Moon in Aries
11 degrees
Third Quarter Moon
Third Quarter Moon
20 days old
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