Previously known as Honour & Connect. 15- aura clearing spray instictGrounds the auric body into the physical body.

Auracle Card of the day: Instinct

The intelligence of your physical body is the most advance biofeedback device ever created, no computer will ever take the place of this innate intelligence. This intelligence is very sensitive to our outside and inner world and it is continuously giving us feedback about what it is that the body needs. Most of the time we miss these gentle promptings because we are so busy in our minds. To access this energy we have to become present in the moment, this means physically your energy needs to be connected to the energy of your feet. The energy of the earth and your feet has a beautiful magnetic relationship and it is through this relationship that you can get your mind to shut up, so that you can hear what your body has to say. So today it will be a good idea to go for a walk without shoes, even a short one will work. You know when you have achieved this connection when your mind is quiet. Or sit and massage your feet for at least 15 minutes. When you are quiet and connected then ask your physical body in quiet reflection what it wants or need from you today. You will feel the answer more than think it. This card is about releasing the control the mind has over the body and accessing a very ancient energy of innate knowing. This knowing comes from the earth not from your mind.  


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Sun in Leo
Moon in Aries
11 degrees
Third Quarter Moon
Third Quarter Moon
20 days old
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