Detoxification releases stored toxins and anger from the

aura and the environment.

14- aura clearing spray detox


Auracle card of the day: Detox

We are all in a purging month, after winter it is natural for the body to want to cleanse itself.

The clearing can be:

  • physical, choosing health choices when it comes to food,
  • emotional, clearing old stuck emotions like frustration anger, grief ,
  • it can also be mental, negating thoughts or limiting beliefs
  • and it can even be spiritual, questioning your beliefs.

The spiritual cleansing is about letting go of our beliefs or concepts of how the universe or God works, it many scriptures it is said that “He works in mysterious ways”. And yes indeed, the Universe is the one thing that we can’t control. Like massive big gears it keeps turning and moving at its own pace. For many at this time it can be a time of inner reflection, asking questions and sometimes if there is trapped childhood trauma even inner tantrums. The tantrum is usually related to “why me?” Why is there suffering, ill health, money problems or relationship problems in my life? The answer from the Universe would probably be because you hold on to limiting thoughts, negative emotions and you believed something about your reality that is not true. This card indicates that it is not time to question your God or religion but your own beliefs around how you created your world. It is time to release, detox and purge all these negative energies so that we can move forward in life. Examples of detox: physically, be mindful of what you feed your body, also maybe try lemon in water in the morning; emotionally, clear negative emotions as they arise by being mindful, clear negative thoughts by using mantras and meditation, clear your spiritual path of obstacles and limitations by forming spiritual rituals to support your connections with Source. And finally detox your home by removing broken items, clearing unwanted things, cleaning, beautifying and smudging with sacred herbs.


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