Also known as "Piss Off" spray. Helps to clear enmeshment

and vampire energy
out of your home or business.13- aura clearing spray enmeshment

Auracle card of the day: Enmeshment

This card indicates there was probably intensity around you, maybe the last month or so. You have to detach yourself from all the energy that is not yours. Any drama, emotional instability, aggression and deceit can be very draining and destructive to your aura and it is a good idea to cut those cords as soon as possible. Try and stay clear of anything that is not uplifting your energy. Try and find positive things to focus on today. A good idea is to do a short visualisation where you ask your body to show you where there are strings and who they are attached to and to then in your mind cut these cords. Epson salts in the bath will also assist with this process. Another way to find if there are strings or cords attached to your energy field is to scan your body and see if there are one or two places on the body where there is pain, this is usually where the cords have attached. Visualise yourself free from all interferences and psychic energy cords. 


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