Brings lightness and joy and helps with releasing creative blocks. 
Holds the energy of the Eleventh Ray. 11- aura clearing spray creativity

Auracle card of the day: Creativity

Today is a good day to become aware of the natural creative energy cycles around you. Nature is in a constant state of creation and destruction and we are actually part of this energy. We go through our own ups and downs during the day, we create energy and destroy energy. Today the energy is more about what you are creating. We all create with our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. We create our entire personal world with these energies and mostly we are completely unaware of this fact. What does this mean? Every single thought, feeling, word and action creates an energy field that moves into your energy body (aura). Your aura then attracts the circumstances and experiences to reflect the energy that you are holding inside. Obviously if things are a bit difficult, then it means you also created that. So for today focus on positive creative thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Try and be aware continuously that energy expressed will create, and you have a choice what you want to create. Start a creative project today this will fill your body with joy. This can be cooking, gardening, painting, writing, doodling, anything that activates your core creativity. If there are any creative blocks then today is a good day to push through these self-limitations and start playing.


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Sun in Gemini
Moon in Sagittarius
14 degrees
Full Moon
Full Moon
14 days old
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