Previously known as Prosperity & Abundance. Attracts

abundance and prosperity. 
Holds the energy of the Tenth Ray.10- aura clearing spray abundance

Auracle card of the day: Abundance
What are you resisting in your life today? Are you perhaps carrying some old programming of lack or limitation in your unconscious mind? If so, is this belief a personal truth, a universal truth or is it bullsh*t? This card points to all the beliefs we carry about ourselves that are not a truth. It is a family pattern or a belief that you are a victim of circumstance and that you don’t have personal will or choices. It is all nonsense!! When this card comes up it indicates that you are busy working with one of those old patterns and that it is influencing you at this moment in time. Ways to clear and access these patterns is to observe when they arrive in your life, what triggers them, thoughts, feelings words, emotions or dwelling too much in your past. Being abundant means having the faith that all is always well, even in adversity there is always a blessing. We just have to find it. Vibrationally this card represent the male energy patterns in your consciousness, these are the patterns that you installed from the male energy linage in your family. A good idea would be to sit and think about all the male energies in your family and observe which patterns they are expressing and if you are expressing the same ones. If you are stuck in the same patterns then you have to take action to get yourself out of those patterns. Deliberately do things in a different manner. Choose differently, and never succumb to being a victim of circumstance, you are a master of this creative reality. You can have everything your heart desires.

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Sun in Gemini
Moon in Sagittarius
14 degrees
Full Moon
Full Moon
14 days old
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