Previously known as Power & Protection. Helps to clear strings and

interference 1- aura clearing spray detachmentout of the aura. Holds the energy of the First Ray.

Auracle card of the day: Detachment

This is the card of balancing the negative or shadow side of the ego. There is always more to learn, more to experience and more to integrate. We never on a spiritual level reach a level of mastery unless you pass on to the other world. While we are here on earth we are still balancing our karma, working with our gifts and talents and playing with the creative world. This card is about when we feel we have saturated ourselves with spiritual information but we have not changed this knowledge into wisdom. Wisdom only arrives when we apply what we have learned. Quite often this card pushes buttons, people cling to what they think they know.  This energy asks us to release even what you think you know about the universe and become humble and open to learn and experience more. You will not find this wisdom in a guru, a teacher, a saint or in a book. You can only find it when you access the deepest aspects of your soul-mind. The teachers are there to help us to find our path but they are not the path, any enlightened teacher will always tell you to remember that they are still learning themselves and therefore we are all the same. Try not to give your power away to externally perceived truths, find your own truth by moving quietly deeper inside. Learning should be a happy, joyous, light-hearted experience, anything that makes you feel tired, judgemental or superior will have exactly the opposite effect on your spiritual growth. Today release the need to know and ask your higher self to directly teach you what you need to know. Connect with the highest purest form of your being and let the inspiration flow. A bit of automatic writing will help with this process today.


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Sun in Sagittarius
Moon in Aquarius
28 degrees
First Quarter Moon
First Quarter Moon
5 days old
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