distant healing

"Ultimately, healing is the result of a mystical act of surrender, an awakening that transcends any religion. It is an intimate dialogue of truth between the individual and the Divine." Caroline Myss

Why would I need aura healing?

As we wake up and start asking questions, start meditating and start taking responsibility for our lives we realise that we need to take care of our energy bodies. We need to wake up our energy, we need to clear old psychic ties and belief systems that no longer serve us. You would need an aura healing if you are experiencing any the following:


  • feeling depressed and lost in life
  • feeling stuck in relationships, life or work
  • feeling as if life is not working for you and feeling cursed
  • feeling anxiety, fear or outbursts of anger
  • feeling disconnected from your loved ones
  • experiencing psychic experiences that are not comfortable
  • experiencing disturbed sleep patterns and nightmares
  • experiencing low energy levels
  • experiencing sensitivity, especially in crowded places
  • experiencing unexplained aches and pains in the physical body
  • experiencing unexplained dis-ease patterns
  • if you have lost a loved one and feel their energy around you
  • if you have many negative voices in your head or if you have a pessimistic mind


Distant healing makes our unique healing modality accessible to people all over the world. We have successfully facilitated healing and clearing sessions for many international clients and we now offer this service to anyone who can't come and see us in person.


How it works


Energy, according to physics, can be in more in one place at the same time, therefore energy healing doesn't always have to be in person. We have formulated and tested a structure of distant healing that we are now proud to share with anyone who can't see us in person. When we have decided and agreed upon a plan of action to start your healing experience, we go into a quiet meditative space, connect with your energy field and direct the highest healing energy into your auric body that the universe will allow for you at that moment in time. It's almost like connecting you to the internet. We do this only in our dedicated healing space at home. After the session, we will send an energy report with feedback about your session.


What happens in your distant sessions?


  • I check your general energy levels and energy themes
  • I facilitate clearing of any dense energy attached to your field that might be draining you
  • I facilitate healing, balancing and activation of your chakras and aura
  • I give you information on what you are holding in your chakras and in your aura
  • I give you a written report with practical advice on how to keep your energy body clear


What I need from you:


  • name and surname and a recent photo
  • age and date of birth
  • address and place where you are at when we are performing the session
  • all sessions will be started once confirmation of payment is received


Distant Healing options:



For best results, I recommend taking a package and having one session each week.





Rules of conduct:


  • All session will only be started once confirmation of payment is received.
  • All sessions include an energy report that will be emailed after the session.
  • Please note: I do not do telephone conversations or counselling sessions over the phone, all correspondence is strictly emailed based.
  • Skype is available for an extra energy counselling service - hourly cost to be advised.
  • All sessions and packages start with session  



Contact Details:

Berto - 082 556 7400
[email protected]

Tamar - 081 727 9939
[email protected]

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