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What is SolarAura Healing?


Solar Aura Healing is a combination of colour, frequency, vibrational therapy, angelic vibration and sacred geometry. It is a complete system of healing where we work with releasing stuck energy instead of simply balancing it. When the body recognises the perfect frequency it releases everything that is not aligned with this perfection.


What are Chakras?


Chakras are energy centers found in the etheric energy body or aura. The chakras influence cells, organs and the entire hormonal system. They are centers of emotional, physical and spiritual energy. The word chakra comes from the ancient Indian Sanskrit, meaning turning or wheel. The chakras spin or turn continuously, pulling in energy from the surroundings.

Your chakras reflect your current state of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. The chakras carry the energetic patterns of all our disharmonious energies. If these energies are not balanced, illness steps in. Your physical and psychological evolution, as well as your spiritual journey, are all reflected in your chakras.

Chakra balancing is a technique used to direct energy to an "unbalanced" or "blocked" chakra. The term "unbalanced" is preferred to "blocked" because it is not believed that any chakra is totally blocked. This means the particular chakra is not absorbing energy at all. The chakras can become stagnant or unbalanced in many different ways. The emotions, environment and attitude all can have a negative impact on the energy system. Negative energy of any kind is usually the culprit of most unbalanced chakras.


Beneficial effects of balanced chakras:


  • strengthens the immune system
  • detoxifies and improves the
  • functioning of internal organs
  • strengthens orthopaedic problems
  • strengthens metabolism


  • anxieties diminish
  • mental fatigue disappears
  • relaxation
  • restful sleep



  • improves concentration
  • assists with elimination of negative thought patterns
  • recognition of soul purpose
  • inner growth


Opening or awakening of chakras


The developing and opening of the seven major chakras correspond to life lessons and spiritual, mental and physical awareness. By working and activating the chakras, a holistic balance can be reached in one's life.

We are now offering the Solar Aura chakra balancing kit which comes with chakra disks, easy instructions and a detailed manual on how the chakras work. This kit can be used as a daily maintenance practice to keep your chakras happy, spinning and vibrant.

The AuraEssence disks are handcrafted with the greatest care to ensure energy stability. They are infused with crystal energy, earth energy and Scared geometry. They assist the body in naturally achieving balance.


What you might be experiencing using our Auraessence disks:


  • A feeling of openness an expansion
  • Heightened psychic awareness
  • Energising
  • Vibrations moving through your body creating balance
  • A sense of lightness and joy
  • balance


Special introductory price: R1500 for the kit, easy instruction card and detailed manual(pdf).


How to order:

Place your order and we will send an invoice (the special price excludes postage).
As soon as payment is received we will create your special set of disks.
We will then post or courier your kit as soon as monies have cleared.
For international clients we use Paypal.

Note: we don't carry stock of these products - they are individually handcrafted with the client in mind.






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Chakra correspondence workshop level 1

I love this course, it has helped me heal my past issues and burdens I had in my auric field. I did have this annoying knee pain, after using the chakra disks I noticed the pain went and never came back. My body feels much lighter, and amazingly as you said, my intuitive abilities have increased, to the extent that I can perform psychic and intuitive readings for my clients, friends and family. I am very happy with this course.

Kind regards



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