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“Be in your fingers and hands as if your whole being,
your whole soul is there”
The power of touch therapy
It has been proven that touch indeed heals. We all need that loving touch from our mother when we are little to feel secure and loved. It has been proved that a mother’s touch placed lovingly over a scraped knee, heals faster than a band-aid.
Touch teaches us about:
  •  pleasure, warmth and comfort
  •  expressing our feelings
  •  reassurance and security
  •  connectedness and social bonding
Massage is as ancient as the earth itself. The more structured massage we use today is based on the instinctive language of holding, rubbing, and comforting. Massage today is formalised touch within established boundaries. Massage therapy is a prime example of communication on a non-verbal level. The way we touch someone triggers off physical sensations as well as emotional responses. We all have the need to be touched, nurtured and pampered and made to feel that someone cares. Most people emotionally need the pampering, caring touch of massage.

Flow Holistic Massage:


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Experience the energy flow of your body through a combination of Swedish massage, Thai pressure point massage, Lomi Lomi massage, Indian head massage and Meridian massage. I use wonderful warming oils, aromatherapy clearing sprays, anointment creams and other healing tools to bring the ultimate in relaxation. The treatment takes place in a quiet garden studio in a heated room on a heated massage bed.

Duration: 1 hour 

Fee: R550 thereafter R650/hour, R950/90min, R1500/ 120min


Signature Healing Massage:


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My signature Massage combines: • aura healing and clearing • energy smudging with African herbs  • soothing warm oil, crystal and hot stone massage • energy balance through working on spinal chakra points and all the massage combinations of the Flow holistic massage.


Hourly fee R650 for the signature massage


Deep Tissue: 
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  • combination of pressure energy points to relieve tension
  • clothes are kept on, please wear comfortable clothing
  • duration: 1 hour
  • Price R650 per hour
  • book for this one if you have chronic pain, get migraines, sports injuries.


Your therapist:
Berto has been practising massage for almost 20 years and has collected many tools on his journey to connect, heal and balance the body. All massages will be infused with healing energy, the use of essential oils and sprays and a combination of effective massage techniques. Berto does not follow strict massage movements as with most massages, but listens to the client's body to see what is required, for this reason, no two massages will ever be the same.
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Contact Details:

Berto - 082 556 7400
[email protected]

Tamar - 081 727 9939
[email protected]

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