Your energy body (aura) works like a magnet and can pick up wanted and unwanted energies depending on your vibration. Like, attract like, so a similar vibration will attract the same type of vibration towards itself. This is one of the main reason why we must ask or invoke to receive assistance from the Higher realms of light to be able to clear unwanted energies. This course was originally designed for aura healers to be able to assist their clients in releasing negative energetic interferences, but we have been using this new sequence on ourselves for several years with great success. It is important to be aware that these notes are just guidelines and it is important that you use your own intuition when you are doing self-healing and clearing. 

SolarAura interference clearing is the modality and technique used to clear oneself of unwanted psychic attachments. It is important to be aware that we attribute different shapes, emotions and energy patterns to each type of attachment but in fact everything is just energy. From a psychological point of view, these attachments can be seen as fragments of the mind that need to be integrated. From a metaphysical point of view, the attachments are shadow energy created by the light. From an esoteric point of view, these beings can be seen as stuck souls. And from a religious point of view, they sometimes see attachments as “dark” beings. My understanding of attachments or entities have changed considerably over the years and the best analogy that I have received in meditation is the following:

Everything is still God but some beings stand further from His light and forget about their origin, which is still just vibration (energy). The more they forget, the more light they lose and the heavier or denser they become. We perceive this heaviness as darkness (lack of light). However, when a stuck being is shown the light or reminded of its existence it usually changes its frequency and it remembers who it is. As human beings, we also judge and box energy that we don’t understand as dark. In fact, most of these beings are just different. And the important thing here is not what it is, but that is not supposed to be attached to you.

They need your light and energy (it's a like a battery) as it helps them to experience life on earth through your body and senses. This by universal law is not allowed.

How do I clear them?

Only Spirit removes spirits, we must surrender to a greater energy Source and leave these beings in that energy. The SolarAura disks helps with lifting your vibration enough to leave these goggas behind. In the past people had to go to a Priest or a Sangoma, Shaman or Holy man for assistance and usually they cleared these beings through forcing them out (exorcism) which in my experience is counter-productive.


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